Rise of the Dragons

The Forgotten Tower, pt. 1

And so it begins…

Our heroes set up camp for a midday snack, when a mysterious gypsy woman with a face veiled appears seemingly out of no where. She warns our heroes of a dangerous and once-forgotten tower not too far from their camp. She tells our heroes that there is nothing she can offer them for clearing out this threat to the local villages, but that she is sure that there will be plenty of treasures to be had in the tower, and perhaps even some secrets to be had. Upon entering the tower, the first few lower levels didn’t have much to ‘em; just a few disease-ridden rodents and an undead every so often. Upon reaching the third floor, however, Raz and Rabbit found a room full of goblins, armed to the teeth with cutting wheels, lead by someone calling themselves “Big Grigbad.” After dispatching his minions, he sounded an alarm that resonated throughout the tower. Certainly Blank on the lower levels would hear this and come to their aid.


Go Blank, Go! Show them what it means to be a Class!

The Forgotten Tower, pt. 1
Saint Komè

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